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Using Time 4 You Creatively!

We love to hear from our Carers about how they’ve used their Time4You Grant to create a little time for themselves.

Amelia used her Time 4 You grant to treat herself to some art equipment that she wouldn’t usually buy for herself and has spent time doing something that she loves.

She wrote

“Thank you so much for your generosity, I used the grant for some top-quality paints called ‘Golden’. Paints I would not dare buy otherwise in case I could not use them for some reason or did not like them.

You have given me the opportunity to try these for the first time... and I am loving them!

I am creating mono prints with them using a gel plate. I am making pages for a journal with a theme of ancient walls. I use stencils to create texture, as well as strange things from around the house which would otherwise be thrown away. These will be the backgrounds for further work.

Doing this brings back memories of summer sitting in the garden with Mum while my eco prints dried in the sun. Mum pulling up a sheet from a gel plate on the kitchen table and 'Oohing' at the result, or earnestly deciding where to spray colour next on another sheet.

Thank you so very much for this grant and this opportunity.

Yours, a happy Amelia”

How would you use a Time 4 You award?

Why not take a look at some other ideas on our website and then get in touch?

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