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Self Care for Carers

It's so important that Carers are able to achieve a break from their caring role and have something nice to look forward to and we'd all agree that this is more important than ever at the moment.


We want to focus on helping carers to achieve a truly personalised one-off breaks that have a real and genuine impact on their sense of well being.


We understand that a break from the pressures of the caring role do not always have to mean a break from the person you care for - that sometimes this can bring additional pressures.


We've collected together some resources to help you to think about different ways of getting some time for yourself.

Press on the arrows below to take you to the information you are looking for, or scroll down to find our downloadable PDF Information Sheets. 


Family and Friends

Support Groups


Social Clubs

Respite Care 

Keeping Active


Information sheets

Here you can find PDF Information Sheets to download.

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