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Tell Your GP...

… how caring impacts on your health. 


We know that many Carers ignore symptoms of their own ill health because they cannot contemplate becoming ill themselves when they have caring responsibilities.  


It is important that you look after your own health and accept any

treatment that you need as, ultimately, you cannot look after someone

else without first looking after yourself. 


If you have caring responsibilities, you are at a higher risk of becoming

ill yourself and your GP Practice can help you to keep fit and well by

recognising some of the effects that caring can have on your health,

such as depression, stress, high blood pressure or back pain.  


So, share with your GP Practice how much caring you are doing and any health concerns you have at your earliest opportunity.

… that you want your caring responsibilities registered on your medical record. 


Your GP Practice might be one of the first places where you may describe yourself as a ‘Carer’ when reaching out to the NHS for support for the friend or family member that you are caring for.  


As a Carer you are entitled to a free flu vaccination and your surgery may also offer the following:


  • more flexibility with appointment times, for both yourself and/or the person you care for to accommodate your caring situation 

  • agreement to share information about the condition of the person you care for (with their consent)  

Let your GP Practice know that you are a Carer and for this to be noted in your records. Ask your GP practices for a carer registration form or follow the link below to download a template letter and ask to be registered. 

This link takes you to the Carers UK Website: 

Template letter to register with your GP

...what they can do to help. 


If your surgery has introduced a change that impacts negatively on you as a Carer, let them know. They may not be aware of the difficulty this causes, and they should try to find a way of making it easier for you and for others with caring responsibilities. 


For further information and advice take a look here at the Carers UK website 


Talking to your GP | Carers UK 

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