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Support Services

Essex Carers Support provide a wide variety of flexible support services directly to family carers. 


As a community based organisation we work closely with a wide variety of health and social care services to promote and advocate for carers to make sure that their experiences are taken into account and used to improve services when they are being designed and delivered.

Carer Advice and Support Service

In partnership with Action for Family Carers, Essex Carers Support has been commissioned by Essex County Council to deliver support for Adult Carers in Colchester and Tendring.

You can get in touch with us in the following ways:

By phone on 0300 77 08090 or by filing in our joint online referral form. This link will take you directly to it


Make a referral

Community Outreach

We are working at a very local community level developing innovative and creative ways to connect with family carers. We focus on connecting with community groups to identify and reach out to people who may not identify themselves as a carer and/or be connected to support services.  If you are a community group who suspect you may have members who are caring for others, we might be able to help you to help your membership.

Carer Respite Break Scheme

In partnership with Colchester Catalyst Charity

Working in partnership with Colchester Catalyst Charity we can help carers who live in the CO postcode area to access grants of up to £600 to arrange a break from caring, specifically where assistance is not available from statutory organisations.

Find out more about the Carer Respite Break Scheme


Self Care for Carers

Carer Breaks are an essential part of maintaining health and wellbeing. At Essex Carers Support we believe breaks from the caring role don’t always have to mean a break away from the person that you care for, something that is particularly difficult at the moment.  We've compiled a number of resources that Carers can tap into that provide information about the support that it available and to help to connect to the world outside of their caring role.

Find out more about our Self Care for Carers Resources

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