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Cost of Living Support

We understand what a worrying time this is with rising utility bills, food and goods prices. 

We’ve compiled this page of information and links to help you find the support you need should you find yourself in difficulties and some places to go to make sure that you are getting all the help that you are entitled to..

For help with your bills..

Don’t leave it too long to seek help if you find yourself in financial difficulties. If you are struggling to pay your bills, Ofgem’s website has a wealth of information on things that you can do and people that you can contact for help.

Ofgem : Support for bills


Although it won’t necessarily help with your bills, it might still be a good idea for you and the person you care for to be added to your energy company’s Priority Services Register. This is a free service for older and vulnerable customers that provides a little extra support. This support can include having a copy of the person you care for’s bills sent to you as their Carer, getting supplies delivered in an emergency or being notified in advance if your supply is due to be interrupted. Just get in touch with your energy company and ask to be added.

Are you claiming all the benefits that you are entitled to? 

Did you know that across the UK 1.5 BILLION pounds of Carers Allowance goes unclaimed each year?

Don't miss out on this additional cash if you are eligible, this Carers UK Factsheet sets out what Carers Allowance is and what you need to think about and do to claim it: Carer's Allowance - Carers UK

For help and advice on debt and benefits contact your local Citizens Advice (used to be called Citizens Advice Bureau or CAB) You can find your local branch using this link: Find your local Citizens Advice

The Carers UK website outlines other Carer Specific support that you might be able to access. Carers UK Help and Advice  Or you can contact Carers UK by phone on 0808 808 7777 or by emailing them at


There is also some helpful advice available on these websites:

The Government has launched a website offering information on income support, help with energy bills, childcare costs, housing support, transport costs, as well as discounts and offers from businesses such as supermarkets, retailers, utility providers and travel called: Help for Households – Get government cost of living support.

For Essex residents Essex County Council is offering information on support schemes, funding and support services on their website or you can download this Cost of Living Support brochure– Cost of Living Support PDF.

Energy Saving Trust – offers tips on how to save money on your energy bills. – a help with bills guide, tips, links and other resources.

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