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'Sew' Good to Talk!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Joanne, a Carer for her disabled daughter, agreed to share her experience of Time 4 You

I really enjoyed our lovely chat. It helped just being able to talk about things and not feel I’m moaning to another friend all the time. That on its own was lovely; but the offer of the Time 4 You grant has allowed me to carry on my sewing which I’d had to postpone because my machine had broken.

I had contacted a repairer but he said due to the age and condition of my old sewing machine it wasn’t worth repairing. I had a bit saved, plus the grant money and with a gift from my husband for my birthday I was able to order my new sewing machine. Delivery was super speedy; it came next day!

I sew when my daughter is in her room because I know she’s safe there and I can fully immerse myself in my craft. It relieves mental stress by focusing on being creative. I love producing decorative items for gifts and will be making face masks for us to wear. I have material to make some reading cushions and have other projects in mind too.

The life of an unpaid Carer is not easy, and the feelings of isolation and loneliness have been heightened during this pandemic, but it’s talking to people like yourselves and charities like yours offering grants that give us a sense of comfort.

Thank you, Essex Carers Support and your sponsors for acknowledging the efforts unpaid Carers go to to provide a safe and loving home to their disabled loved one.

Having a sewing machine again has allowed me to have time to do the thing I enjoy whilst still caring, and that means I can truly relax. Again, so many thanks for this wonderful gift. It has already made such a difference to me and my life as a Carer.

Is there something that would make a difference to you as a carer finding some time for yourself? Why not take a look here and see how we can help to make it happen?

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