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Ladies Day at the Spa

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

What a day we ladies had the day we went to the spa! Many thanks to the project TIME 4 YOU - a self-care project for carers in Essex - who paid for our day out. The day was very much looked forward to and anticipated. We had booked the spa day back in February for a date in June at Five Lakes Spa, so it was so very welcome after a very tough year for our families due to the pandemic.

Andrea, Victoria and I are neighbours and have known each other for over twenty years. We completely understand one another and always support each other; particularly looking out for each other during the pandemic. We haven’t been able to meet up much but have communicated by messages to support one another.

We are all mums to adults with additional needs, my daughter Georgina has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. We have had to do a lot of shielding this past year and in my daughter’s anxiety was very high causing lots of additional seizures. Just recently she had her worst seizure in her life - a grand mal which we had to call the emergency services to revive her.

This spa day was such a blessing, we arrived at the spa at 10.30 am and we went to the gym which we followed up with a swim and we used the other spa facilities. Afternoon tea was at 1 pm with so much food followed by a back massage and facial. By the time we left we were floating on air!

From the bottom of all our hearts a big thank you to Essex Carers Support for getting us the grant to do this. As mums and full-time carers, we find it hard to give time to ourselves therefore this project made us do just that and think about ourselves. We have made a date for a few months to do a swim and gym together as this has made us all appreciate our friendship and how precious life is.

If this has got you thinking about how you could find some time just for you with friends why not take a look here and see how we might be able to help?

I would definitely recommend other carers to do this, life is so short, and we have all had such a challenging time it is so important to get some time together for ourselves and have a laugh!

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