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Keep Calm and Drive On...

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Paula used her Time 4 You award to do something a little different! Afterwards she agreed to write this short blog for us.

I was completely overwhelmed by Essex Carers Support giving us carers the opportunity to do something for ourselves. I couldn't decide what to do and what with the world being turned upside down with the Covid Pandemic, I thought why not do something I've always wanted; so, I booked a racing day at Brands Hatch!

One thing ticked off my bucket list.....

I was able to arrange for my mum to be supported and I had the whole day to myself (which, even if I'd had just sat at home and read a book, it would have been a treat!)

My friend and I arrived at Brands Hatch very early as I wanted to make the most of the day. After checking in and attending a safety briefing, I was let loose in the first of the three cars I'd chosen to drive.

I apologised in advanced to my instructor for being the slowest person he'd be guiding that day but he didn't look convinced, until we hit the track and everyone was zooming passed us. The poor man nearly wept with embarrassment! I was just grateful I hadn't stalled the car!

As the day progressed and I became more confident, I channelled my inner Lewis Hamilton and was zooming away with the rest of the drivers. I was very proud my instructor only had to grab the steering wheel a couple of times..... I swear I saw a look of relief cross his face when we returned to the pit!!

I had absolutely the best day out and it was only made possible due to Essex Carers Support's Time 4 You project. I will never forget my driving experience (neither will my instructor!) and can't wait to tick more adventures off my bucket list.

The only unusual side effect from my racing day is that my mum is very nervous about getting in my car with me now - I've no idea why? 😉

Thank you again for enabling me to have the break I so desperately needed. It was only one day out but it felt like I'd been away for ages.

Inspired? Why not take a look at how you could think about finding some time for you and even get a small award to help with the costs

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