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I Care

We understand that you don’t have to be called a ‘Carer’ to care…

Essex Carers Support is here to offer help and support for anyone in a caring role – whether or not they identify as a Carer. 

In Essex there are an estimated 145,000 people providing care and support for a friend or family member who needs help with everyday life. 

We are encouraging everyone who knows someone who is a Carer, someone who helps another who depends on their support, to recognise the important role that they play.

How we can help












Time 4 You

One off Time 4 You grants of up to £100 enable you to do something of your own choosing, aligned to your individual interests, hobbies and aspirations. 

Time 4 You breaks focus on a break from the pressures of the caring role and do not always have to mean a break from the person you care for. Lots of Time 4 You breaks are taken together so that people have


something to look forward to and talk about afterwards with the person they care for.

Carer Respite Break Scheme

We have partnered up with Colchester Catalyst to offer grants of up to £600 per year to Carers who live in the ‘CO’ postcode area, subject to eligibility.


This allows you to achieve a carer’s break, specifically where assistance is not available from statutory organisations.




2Can is a partnership project delivered by SUMMIT and Essex Carers Support in Tendring, Essex.

Together we help support the health and emotional wellbeing of vulnerable people and their carers who may be at risk of harm and self-neglect and enable people to identity the solutions, support and services that will assist their recovery and support their long term wellbeing.

Thank you for your support

Thank you to everyone who has supported our I Care campaign, with your help we have reached out to people in Essex who may like a bit of support. If you would like to get in touch, we are here to help...

Call us on 01255 474410

Email us at

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