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C'mon the Clarets!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The team at Essex Carers Support wanted to share this lovely message they got from Jason following his recent Time 4 You award which he used to reconnect with his interests and make some time for himself outside of his caring role. He told us:

"Even though I know you guys will phone me to see how much of an impact on the season ticket has had on me when I have finished with it, and even though I have only been to two games so far, I thought I would let you know how much it has already impacted me in a good way.

So, by you guys purchasing the season ticket at Chelmsford City FC for me, you have enabled me to have ‘time for me’ - funnily enough! But, in all seriousness it has already enabled me just to have a break from my caring role for 90 minutes a week for 9 months so it's not just a one off and that's it.

Even though I am still doing my caring role, so doing things such as housework or shopping and supporting my partner with other stuff, you guys have enabled me to go and do a hobby of mine that otherwise I would not be able to do i.e. go and watch my local football team!

Why not take a look here and see whether we can help you to find some time for yourself and even get an award to help with the financial costs.

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