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Self Care for Carers

Family & Friends

Caring as a Family

Caring as a family can be a great way of creating a united circle of support around the one who needs it, with everyone taking a share of responsibility. However, it can also create rifts, as stress levels increase, tempers grow short, and emotions become difficult to deal with.

Three Generations

If you haven’t already, take a moment to consider how caring effects the whole family, as well as the main primary carers.

  • As a couple who are caring together – You might find that you no longer have as much time as you expected to devote to your own relationship.

  • As a sibling of the one who needs caring for – Maybe it feels like your family life always revolves around your brother or sister, and that your parents never have the time for you.

  • As a parent who is beginning to be in need of some support yourself – You might be reluctant to ask for help, especially from your own children.

  • As a family – Maybe you feel that other people aren’t doing a fair share of the work and it always falls to you to pick up where they left off. Or maybe you want to help, but feel like you aren’t welcome because “you don’t do it right”.


When caring begins, roles within the family can change dramatically, and it can often be a confusing and difficult time for all who are involved.

Caring for Your Partner

Having to care for your partner can feel like a double blow. Not only do you have the added responsibilities of caring for someone, but you also have to do it without your other half for support. This can be an extremely difficult time for both of you to adapt to. Every couple cope with it differently, but many do say that in hindsight the caring role only brings them closer together. Sometimes, it can help to see that other people have been where you are now, and managed to get through it.

For more information about caring as a family visit the Carers UK website.

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