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Finding Time 4 You - Carer Respite in a 'She Shed'

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

When I first heard that I might be eligible for a £100 grant for carers I dismissed it and said that it should really go to someone who really needs that money. I was persuaded to explore the idea and was phoned later that day. Until I spoke to Stephanie from Essex Carers Support, I hadn’t thought about ‘respite’ under lockdown and that conversation led to a whole project of my own!

It motivated me to clear out a small summer house which we have in the garden and which I’d been meaning to do something with since we moved in. It was full of junk and clutter and not being used. My two disabled sons and my partner helped me to move things and clean it out. I put bids on for some furniture on eBay and managed to win them! There are fairy lights on the ceiling and a little heater in there. I got a rug down from the attic which we brought with us from our old house and hadn’t found a home for until now.

Funnily enough, nothing cost very much in creating that space! So, I thought about your grant and tried to think of something else that I could do with. I thought that it would be nice to have some music and decided to get a DAB radio with Bluetooth. I would normally have bought the cheap version from Argos or Amazon but because of the grant and the ideas that this should be a treat I splashed out on a nice stylish one, which actually looks perfect and makes me smile whenever I look at it.

And my sanctuary (the She Shed) was born! It is so relaxing, I have spent time in there on most days just sitting, talking privately on the phone, reading and I plan to do some writing when the time allows.

Also because the large side windows of the She Shed open out providing ventilation, it means my mum can now visit and sit in the garden because we can shelter in there if it rains.

I can’t fully express how grateful I am to you for planting the seed for all this, it really has improved my well being and quality of life as your project says…

Finding time for yourself as a Carer can be hard but Essex Carers Support are here to help. Why not take a look here and see what we offer?

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