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Welcome to our 12 days of Top Tips

As the nights draw in and lights appear in windows, many people begin to feel the stress of the festive period creeping over them as well. It can all feel a bit overwhelming, so we have pulled together 12 Top Tips to support Carers through Christmas.

Every weekday until 22 December we will be sharing a quick idea that we hopes makes life a little easier for you.

So, here’s our first tip…

Agree your approach to Christmas

Talk with your family and friends about how you’re going to approach the festive season. Take the opportunity to raise any worries you have. Having these discussions in advance can help reduce stress and help things run more smoothly.

Try and plan as much as you can in advance, this can be particularly helpful if the person you support likes or needs routine.

If you’d like to share your own tips, please do!

Just follow us on Facebook and share your comments.

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